General advice & information

We provide advice and support in the fields of well-being, education, health, and social and economic deprivation. We offer a full range of services with the overall aim of preventing the worsening of members’ circumstances and enabling self-sufficiency.

European Settlement Scheme – Home Office

Weare providing, on behalf of the Home Office and WeAreDigital, immigration service following a Brexit referendum in 2016, all EU/EEA citizens or their family members, to continue living, working, and studying in the UK after it leaves the EU, must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). The service is available Monday to Friday, an appointment through the Home Office call centre is necessary.

HM Court & Tribunal Service

This service provides Digital Support to users who are facing barriers in accessing digital platforms to fill out online forms for HMCTS’s justice services. This service supports those who are not confident filling out online forms or may not have access to online services. The Digital Support service aims to resolve the barriers that prevent people from accessing HMCTS online, enabling them to receive an experience equivalent to those who do not encounter these barriers.

Practical support

We help to ease some of the stress that our members may experience by offering to undertake tasks that they find difficult for example phone calls, writing letters, and helping with transport. We also provide access to resources that would otherwise be difficult to access due to the language barrier, such as playgroups, children’s activities, and family events.


EU Settlement Scheme


Advice and Information

General advice & information – we provide advice and support in the fields of wellbeing, education, health, social and economic deprivation. We offer a full range of services with the overall aim of preventing the worsening of members’ circumstance and to enable self-sufficiency. We also provide extensive interpreting and translation services for a range of stakeholders, including hospitals, schools, police and advocate for our members when needed, we work in English and Polish.

EU Settlement Scheme who can apply

If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you and your family may be able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. For more information on how to apply for settled status and to find out whether you are eligible to apply please visit UK Visa and Immigration External

Polish Family Association ID verification process

From Monday 1 April 2019, Polish Family Association will be offering support with the digital ID verification process as part of your application to the Home Office.

If you can’t use the ‘EU Exit: ID Document Check’External link app, we can check and verify your passport in person.

To access the Home Office app online you will need an Android phone with NFC (Near-Field Communication). You can check your phone settings to see if it has NFC – NFC is used by the app to scan your document. If your mobile phone or other device can’t access the online app and you’re eligible to apply for settled status, you can attend an appointment at Colliers Wood Community Centre with Polish Family Association. Your document will be scanned and verified. The scan will confirm your identity so that you’ll be able to make an application for settled status. We won’t retain your passport and, in most cases, you won’t be asked to send your passport anywhere else during your application.

During your appointment, you will need:

  • Your current valid EU biometric passport or valid biometric residence card
    • A mobile phone that can receive SMS text messages
    • A valid email address – you will be required to complete your application at a later date

Please note, this service does not accept national identity cards. We can’t advise on eligibility or likelihood of success of your application. The cost of the service is FREE. Appointments will take place between 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.


To book an appointment, please call us on 02036498260, or